Crop Hail Insurance

crop_hailNo one knows what the weather holds in store, but having insurance certainly helps to manage the risks that producers face everyday.

Crop Hail Insurance offers several options to farmers.

  • Part or all of crop acres can be insured, so farmers can decide how much risk they want to handle and then tailor coverage to manage that risk.
  • Crops can be insured at any time up to a specified harvest date.
  • Additional protection is provided for losses due to fire or grain loss in transit.
  • Protection of your revenue and profit left unprotected by MPCI.
  • Replant benefits in addition to your MPCI replant benefits.

Nobody knows agriculture like we do. We have the experience you demand. We work with you from the start to help you make the best choices possible. And we’re with you when natural disasters strike because we know the value of personal service in good times and bad.

With the help of an FCS insurance specialist or financial services officer, you determine the coverage that is best for your situation, up to the total expected cash value of the crop.

More information about Crop Hail Insurance policy coverage and benefits is available from United FCS.