Succession, Retirement, Estate Planning

retirementMany of today’s agricultural producers are often too busy managing their daily farm operations to really pay attention to the risk factors facing them at retirement.
One result is that few producers are adequately preparing for their retirement or for transferring assets to the next generation.

Succession & Retirement planning will benefit those who own farm assets and are thinking about retirement, or working to keep their farm in the family.

Succession & Retirement planning can help you:

  • Transfer your operation to the next generation.
  • Plan for a secure retirement.
  • Control estate taxes and administrative costs.
  • Treat family members fairly.
  • Build a transition plan that work’s in both prosperous and lean times.

*This service is not associated with the sales of insurance, trusts, investments, annuities or any similar products. It is simply to provide you with the information you need to plan for the future of your operation.